About Corfu

Corfu or Kerkyra, as it is known locally, belongs to the Ionian Island’s group and is often called the jewel of the Ionian. It is one of the most lush and greenest of all the Greeks Islands, boasting endless beauty, spectacular scenery and serenity. In Greek mythology the beautiful island of Corfu is related to Poseidon, God of the sea and Odysseus, it has an abundance of secluded bays and spectacular scenery. The island caters for all tastes, offering great walking trails, crystal clear waters, beautiful beaches, quiet sleepy villages and vibrant resorts. A vast array of lively taverna’s serving traditional dishes and restaurants offering international cuisine, sit alongside a vibrant café culture. The island is well known for its festivals and the locals love to celebrate. Villagers gather together with neighbours, good food, drink and Greek bands to honour the Saints, celebrate name days and acclaim great moments in history. Island wide the celebrations often include the marching bands that Corfu is famous for and magnificent fireworks displays. Whether you are looking for peace and quiet, rest and relaxation or something livelier, the beautiful Island of Corfu has it all and is an ideal place to unwind, heal and relax.